Training the New Cook!

Those who know me well know that I’m a don’t wannabe cook. I don’t even care that much about eating, although the size of my jeans would belie that comment. But, back to cooking. If someone would cook all the food that could be eaten in this family, I would gladly do the dishes. WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT!? I already do the dishes. Ok, so I digress. I’ll spare us all and won’t get started on the whole dishes thingy.

Anyway, David has expressed an interest in cooking (well, more like baking but hey! we gotta start somewhere) and I am going to do my utmost to facilitate this interest in our homeschool. I found this recipe on another blog and David made it this morning.

After all the mixing, it needs to be rolled out. David really likes using the rolling pin and this is much easier than pizza crust.

(ahem, I did not see “the” kitchen table in the background… I have officially declared it the thorn in my flesh…)

No shaker top on the cinnamon. He did a good job without it.

Then rolling it up. Use a big spatula if it sticks and just stick the little pieces that tear out back in.

Ready to bake!

Now for the icing. Pretty straightforwardly YUMMY!

The finished product. I have to admit that the picture in the original blog showed icing lightly drizzled on the rolls. We, of course, have to drown ours.

We declared the no rise cinnamon rolls to be a huge success. Here’s the proof.

And, so I can give credit where credit is due, here is the link to the recipe from the original blog. We will visit this blog often for her simple, delicious and cook-in-training-friendly recipes.

Easy, No Rise Cinnamon Rolls


2 responses to “Training the New Cook!

  1. You know my girl loves to bake also. She likes to watch tutorials on YouTube, write down the info (yay!) and then have at! I give her some gentle guidance but try to let her be in control. I think these small successes will help to rebuild her self-esteem.

  2. You are so right! We need to offer our kids as many opportunities at success as we can because they can have so much stacked against them. Of course, having an in-house cook is not so bad either. I mean, I might let him live at home for the rest of his life if he would do all the cooking… 🙂

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