ADHD Banana Bread

I will gladly do the dishes if you will do the cooking…really!

I know people who possess amazing prowess in the kitchen. My appreciative comment to them is that if they cook, I’ll do the the dishes. Some of them, however, are not only great cooks but they are neat and tidy great cooks. These are the best kind. I don’t have to do a thing but eat – πŸ™‚ They clean as they go and when they are done cooking, there is nary a dish to wash or a floor to sweep. Such is not the case in our house. This is a banana bread baking session. If we shall speak of floors, suffice to say that flour on floors is very slippery. My camera lens doesn’t do the vertical long angle and so one only has to extrapolate a tad to imagine the condition of the floor after this particular baking session.

I left David entirely to his own devices. I’m not sure when he’ll realize that he cannot cook/bake or even boil water and watch tv and play the piano or the cat all at the same time (yes, I said play the cat. Playing with the cat would indicate a mutual interaction, which simply isn’t the case.) He burns the toast, leaves the spoon in the cup while microwaving the tea and cooks spaghetti until it’s soup. This is his first batch of banana bread. Two loaves. One is good, the other is a brick.

“Are you sure you put in the baking powder?”


Ummm, ok. ADD or no ADD, multitasking in the kitchen doesn’t work. Unless, of course, one is cooking and washing the dishes.

I can’t chastise him too much. Not for the banana bread brick and certainly not for the mess. He doesn’t know yet that this sloppy cooking is not likely to change and I’m not going to make that the point. Nature or nurture? Who knows?!? I wake up to a mess every morning in my kitchen and I don’t even really cook! I’m a bad example. So be it. Some people are great cooks. Given David’s interest in it, he may yet become one. If that happens, I will gladly do the dishes.


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